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Natural Sense 520ml Refill Bottle

Natural Sense 520ml Refill Bottle


Our most popular size.  We recommend this size for you when you are treating an internal problem and you need to be taking it several times a day or if you want to give it to your family as a daily maintenance to keep away the common cold and flu's that circle around us daily- Check out our 1.100 & 2 litre size for even better value.

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Suitable for infants, pregnant women and the whole family.

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver : We specialise in making a very unique, premium blend of both with approx 70% non-ionic (this is considered true colloidal silver) & 30% ionic silver. Made fresh using a very strict quality control program with ultra-pure deionised, bio-energised water, 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm.  We make it, bottle it & label it.

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