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Natural Sense 50ml Travel Spray

Natural Sense 50ml Travel Spray


A handy little size when you're on the go. Use as a breath freshener or as a face mist to ward off airborne 'nasties' when flying (a heap of people use it successfully when on an airplane to keep away other peoples germs).  Use it also on open wounds - its so versatile!

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Suitable for infants, pregnant women and the whole family.

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver : We specialise in making a very unique, premium blend of both with approx 70% non-ionic (this is considered true colloidal silver) & 30% ionic silver. Made fresh using a very strict quality control program with ultra-pure deionised, bio-energised water, 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm.  We make it, bottle it & label it.

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