Natural Sense 310ml with 30ml Dropper and 30ml Spray

Natural Sense 310ml with 30ml Dropper and 30ml Spray

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This is a good sized bottle to keep on the bench or a great one to get you started. Combined with the 30ml nasal and spray bottles that you can refill, this is the most versatile pack.  You can consume as directed for any systemic viral, fungal or bacterial conditions.  You can also use the nasal spray to relieve nasal congestion & ease sinusitis.  Use the handy spray bottle for things like burns or mosquito bites. 

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Suitable for infants, pregnant women and the whole family.

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver : We specialise in making a very unique, premium blend of both with approx 70% non-ionic (this is considered true colloidal silver) & 30% ionic silver. Made fresh using a very strict quality control program with ultra-pure deionised, bio-energised water, 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm.  We make it, bottle it & label it.