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'I have had Dermatitis on my hands for 10 years now and at the beginning it was terrible - I had raw, dry, itchy hands and my skin would constantly be peeling and flaking off. Initially, I went to several skin specialist and doctors and tried several treatments and products that didn't work and often made it worse. Then I found Xmaease which was a game changer. Because Xmaease has no alcohol or any other 'nasties' in it, it settled my dermatitis down straight away and I now have no peeling or itchiness. I have recommended this product to so many of my family and friends over the years and they have all reaped the same amazing benefits as I have' 

-Alex B


Recently while on holiday, we ran out of one of my daughter's usual health supplies. As a result, we visited Hardy's Health Store in Papamoa. The sales assistant (owner?) named Linda was clearly saddened by the state of my 11-year-old daughter's skin. At the time of visiting 90% of her body was covered in bright red and mostly raw eczema, and her movements were slow due to particularly inflamed eczema behind her knees.

We had a long discussion about the products taken internally which Linda sold that could be beneficial to relieving eczema (flaxseed oils, vit c, acidophilus etc etc) and most we had previously tried or were currently taking. At the checkout, she said, "you have tried XMAEASE haven't you?" I think at that point I probably rolled my eyes imagining YET ANOTHER unsuccessful product sitting in my bathroom cupboard...oh joy. Anyway, in sensing my reluctance to buy - she was kind enough to offer me a money back guarantee saying that she was sure it would help, and if it didn't work within 3-4 days, she'd refund my money. Both my daughter and I left the store almost laughing at the thought that any moisturiser could do that!!

After showering that night, I applied XMAEASE to her face and waited for the usual complaints of the cream "stinging or burning" (we even had a cold wet flannel at the ready) and to my complete surprise, the complaints didn't come. We then applied it to the rest of her body...again, no complaints. We applied two coats that first night as my daughter liked the way it felt on her skin.

9 days later, with the exception of using Locoid on a very small patch behind her knees, we have used solely XMAEASE on her entire body initially up to 6 times a day.

Other than when she has been on the strong doses of Prednisone, this is the clearest her skin has been in 6 years. XMAEASE hasn't "cured" the eczema in this short time, but the eczema is now only on about 15% of her body and is light pink and manageable. Her face and neck (typically her worst areas) are COMPLETELY clear - and her skin is incredibly soft and smooth - which is a huge contrast to the dry, bumpy, sandpapery skin that we are used to.

The sheer delight (sounds cheezy, but so true) of looking at my daughter's face looking "normal" and knowing that it isn't a result of harsh steroids and wondering what the "payoff" to the other parts of her body will be, is absolutely priceless...so is watching her in the bathroom, smiling at herself in the mirror!

We will continue to use XMAEASE and keep you up to date on her progress over a longer period of time.

Again MANY MANY thanks!

As promised here's an update! It's now over 3 months since my daughter started using XMAEASE - she is now using solely your product and her eczema continues to improve.

The application she puts on in the morning is sufficient to last throughout the day (initially we were applying it, as we were with our prescription creams, up to 6 times a day)
Her skin remains soft and itch-free all day. The once raw/red/weepy eczema on her face & arms has completely disappeared.
The eczema on her neck/back is still visible but is light pink, barely noticeable and only rarely itchy.

Locoid has only been applied 3 times during that period on a particularly nasty patch behind her knees.

For my daughter, XMAEASE is that elusive "miracle" potion that we have been searching for years. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Just thought I'd let you know what a good product you have made. I get mild eczema which i'm sure is from certain foods which i am currently eliminating from my diet.
XMAEASE stops the itching and i'm just glad to not be using steroid creams anymore.

 Hi, just wanted to tell you that my 7 year old has had severe eczema since birth. Nothing has helped it. Diet has helped a little but not much. He rips his skin raw due to the itchiness of his eczema. 

I recently bought some XMAEASE and wow....... His eczema has cleared in a matter of days, the itchy has gone and his skin is looking great. I cant thank you enough. I have tried endless creams and solutions over the years costing thousands of dollars and have now discovered your cream.

Even my son calls it magic cream. Hopefully now he won’t get picked on at school for having scabby looking skin. I have been telling everyone about this cream.

Ps Larger containers of it would be great. Well done you guys for this great product.

After using XMAEASE for three weeks, I am going to send a tube to my son who lives in New York. 

He is 28 and has had eczema on and off for most of his life. (He has spent hundreds of dollars on skin specialists and now naturopaths.)

A dairy free diet has been the only solution so far. I have had eczema since my mid-twenties, now 58yrs, and occasionally get patches of it, and this winter I have had it on my eyelids under my right eye and on my back. The cream has had a calming effect, and over time the eczema has reduced. I have the tube in my bag and on my desk at work. Thanks and kind regards.

To give you a background, I’ve had eczema on my face, neck and arms on and off since adolescences. 

At times it’s been really bad, making me irritable and very self-conscious. I have reluctantly used steroids and it has usually helped reduce the flare-up, and despite many claims, nothing else has really worked. I was putting hydrocortisone on my face every 2nd to 3rd day. So it wasn’t a lot but still, it was frustrating when it just never seemed to clear away.

I was given a tube of Xmaease from a friend and used it reluctantly and was surprised at the results. It hasn’t cured me of my eczema but it greatly assists in reducing the flare-ups and I haven’t had to use a steroid for almost 3 months. I’ve even shown it to a GP I visited hoping he would tell his patients about it.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that is natural, actually works and is affordable too. Can you please work on something that works on wrinkles next? Many Thanks, Michelle

Just wanted to say your product is amazing!!

I was on my last straw trying to find something/anything to soothe the skin on my hands! I have had mild eczema my whole life but only in the last 18 months, I was getting really bad itchy flakey skin on my hands (but I still feel as though it wasn't my normal form of eczema). Happened to talk to a pharmacist the other day for some probiotics and she recommended your product! And my skin cleared within 3 days! Very happy and have recommended to a few people who use to steal (ALL) my other steroid creams over the years for their skin!



Before using xmaease cream on eczema on arms and neck



After using xmaease cream on eczema on arms and neck


Before and after using xmaease cream for cut on dry skin on hand  before and after using xmaease on dry calloused skin

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