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Silver has been used for its anti-microbial properties since the times of ancient Egypt.  This product's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties are also now well established scientifically using modern methods.  
It is tasteless or almost so (some people can taste a slight metallic after taste), odourless and non-toxic when properly prepared.
There are two forms available to the NZ market,  There is just the Ionic product or you can use our more effective blend of Ionic & Non-ionic Colloidal Silver.  

Let me explain what that means

Ionic silver 

Ionic silver is positively charged and it works by blocking an enzyme involved in bacterial respiration.  It also forms relatively insoluble ionic colloids with other ions such as chloride (present in saliva and stomach acid). 

Non-ionic silver

Non-ionic silver colloid is considered 'true' colloidal silver One way it works is by activating oxygen present in the tissues of the body against harmful microbes; this allows the immune system to gain the upper hand.  It is the more desirable of the two as it acts against more than just bacteria; it possesses anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties as well.

Why choose to use Natural Sense Colloidal Silver?

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver is a premium blend of
30% ionic & 70% non-ionic true colloidal silver.
Used internally and externally to safely support the body’s immune system when affected by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.  Safely inhibits germs and bugs that can be associated with many conditions.  Where possible, external and internal treatment works best for conditions such as for sinusitis, bed sores, wound healing. 

Known to treat over 650 different conditions including:

  • Candida
  • Oral thrush
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Gum infections
  • Tonsillitis
  • Aid to eliminating toxins
  • Ear infections
  • Eye infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Stomach upsets
  • Digestion
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Colds & flu’s
  • Sore throats
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Bladder infections
  • Viral infections
  • Dandruff
  • Acne
  • Hay fever
  • Mild allergies
  • Itchy skin
  • Whitetail spider bites

Want to read the technical information?....

What is Colloidal Silver? 

Colloidal silver is a suspension of microscopic silver colloid particles (not atoms or ions) in water.  It is produced by an electro-colloidal technique using pure silver and water.

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful, natural, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasite and body normalising substance ever discovered and used in medicine.  In laboratory tests, single-celled organisms such as bacteria, fungus and viruses are killed in just four or five minutes in its presence.  Dr Henry Crooks in his book ‘Use of Colloids in Health and Disease” states, “There is no microbe known that is not killed by Colloidal Silver in six minutes or less, in a dilution as little as five parts per million.”

Before 1938 Colloidal Silver proved to be useful in treating over 650 different infectious conditions.  Today’s advanced technologies bring us colloidal silver that works even better.

How does Colloidal Silver work?

The complete set of mechanisms by which colloidal silver inhibits microbes and aids healing are yet to be fully explained. However, it is very likely that these effects are at least partially due to silver’s ability to activate oxygen both in air and body tissues[1],.[2] below

In order to understand how Colloidal Silver works, one must first understand the disease state of the body.  The body encounters pathogens and other foreign entities many times a day.  When the body is healthy it maintains a proper pH and oxygen-rich environment. 

The pH (potential of Hydrogen) inside the cells of the body are usually near alkaline 7.3.  Outside the cell, the fluid surrounding the cells will usually realize an acidic pH, near 4.0. 

However, when an individual does not maintain a healthy environment in the body, the pH begins to rise in the outer fluid and fall inside the cell.  This reduces the electrical potential of the cell.

Oxygen levels in the cells respond by decreasing.  Pathogens (living disease organisms) that grow in the body will usually attack these weakened cells and ‘set up shop’.  These organisms, that cause illness and attack these weak cells cannot survive in healthy cells that have outer fluid pH below 4.0 and inner cellular fluid above pH 6.9.

Silver maintains a positive charge, which when introduced to areas of infection disrupt the pathogens causing the illness.  Interestingly, Colloidal Silver kills the organisms by inhibiting the enzyme that these pathogens utilize to survive in their anaerobic (airless) environment.  This enzyme is the pathogen’s ‘chemical lung’.  Without the necessary enzyme for metabolism growth, regeneration and survival, the pathogen ‘suffocates’ and ‘dies’.

Viruses, on the other hand, are destroyed, it is believed, because electric charge of Silver particles cause their protective protein coat, also referred to as the ‘head’ to collapse. They are therefore unable to replicate and are removed from the body by the immune, lymphatic and intestinal elimination systems.

The exact activity of silver depends on the form(s) used.

The two forms present in the Natural Sense brand of colloidal silver for the health market are ionic silver and non-ionic colloidal silver.

[1]Silver is the element with the greatest affinity to dissolve oxygen.  When oxygen to dissolves into the silver lattice, each O2 must be split in two to form atomic oxygen (O) - an activated form of oxygen.  This activated oxygen becomes available to the body at the surface of each silver particle with an activity intermediate between molecular oxygen and free atomic oxygen.  The presence of a surface oxide layer from impure silver impedes the flow of oxygen and reduces the activated oxygen available to the body for colloidal silver action.

[2]The same activated oxygen mechanism is responsible for the antibacterial action of silver-coated silica used in some drinking water filters to control microbial growth.

What is the difference between Ionic and non-ionic colloidal silver?

Ionic silver (Ag+) is positively charged, very small and works by blocking an enzyme required for bacterial respiration.  It does not interfere with the human form at the minute concentrations used and is therefore highly selective against susceptible bacteria.  Its activity in the body is reduced, however, as it forms relatively insoluble ionic colloids with other ions such as chloride (present in saliva and stomach acid).

Non-ionic silver colloid (Ag0) is the true colloidal silver.  It works by activating oxygen present in the tissues of the body against harmful microbes1, thus allowing the immune system to gain the upper hand.  It is the more desirable of the two forms as it acts against more than just bacteria and fungi.  The oxygen activated by colloidal silver selectively targets microbes without harming human cells.  These different effects are due to large differences between microbe and human capacities to neutralize activated oxygen. (Human cells have very efficient antioxidant systems while many microbes have relatively poor antioxidant systems and are easily damaged or killed.)  An important advantage of this mode of action over other antimicrobials is that it does not disturb the natural balance of the ‘healthy’ microflora in the colon or bowel.  This is due to the naturally low oxygen levels (and thus negligible activation of oxygen by colloidal silver) in these parts of the body.  If oxygen activation is the sole mechanism of antiseptic action, this may limit the effectiveness of colloidal silver in anaerobic applications.  However, all colloidal silver produced using an electro-colloidal technique contains a small amount of ionic silver.  Depending on the level present, this could have bacteriostatic effects in addition to colloidal silver.

The effects of colloidal silver on healing may also be due to activated oxygen as similar effects are observed with the use of hyperbaric oxygen where higher levels of activated forms of oxygen are also achieved.  Healing will also progress more quickly in the absence of irritants such as bacteria and bacterial products.

Because the colloidal silver activity is, at least in part, oxygen-dependant it will have a stronger effect when used externally where atmospheric oxygen is readily available.  More gentle effects will be achieved with internal use as colloidal silver assists rather than replaces the action of the immune system, allowing the body to still fight the infection and gain natural immunity.

Colloidal Silver purity 

Purity is very important with colloidal silver.  Impurities allow the colloid to aggregate into larger particles that have significantly lower activities.  The main determinants of colloidal silver quality and thus effectiveness are: silver purity, water purity, optimal concentration and the production process used.  Silver purity affects the ability of oxygen to diffuse across the particle-solution interface and the solubility of oxygen in silver.  These factors are fundamental to the action of colloidal silver.  Pure silver (99.9999+%) is less reactive than impure silver and thus is less likely to develop an oxide coating that impedes oxygen diffusion. The solubility of oxygen in the silver is also maximized.

Water purity

Water purity is also important as it affects the amount of aggregation (clumping) of silver particles and thus the bioavailability (absorption and use by the body) of colloidal silver.  Very pure water (as attained through reverse osmosis, ultra-high purity carbon filtration and ultra-high purity deionization) creates a finer colloidal silver suspension with less aggregation and thus greater bioavailability.  However, charged impurities in water can allow the colloid particles to come into close contact and aggregate by electrically shielding the charge present on the colloid.  The negative effects of shielding on colloidal silver are substantial, even with low levels of impurities.  Additionally, water impurities may promote the undesirable formation of an oxide coating on the silver particles.

What colour should Colloidal Silver be?

The best Colloidal Silver generally ranges from colourless to a pale golden yellow.  Colour variance also depends on the concentration and the presence or absence of additives.  A 1962 English book entitled “practical Colloidal Chemistry” under the section’ Polychromism of Silver Solutions’ states ‘the continuous change in colour from yellow to blue corresponds to a change in the absorption maximum of the shorter to longer wavelengths, with a decreasing degree of dispersion.”  It then goes on to say that the particle size range that can appear yellow is .001 up to .01 microns, as those sizes absorb indigo light, leaving only its inverse colour yellow to be observed.  The yellow appears only when the particles have been evenly dispersed. 

This explanation makes sense, for when exposed to sunlight, yellow Colloidal Silver turns blue-black.  A reliable sign that the particles have clumped together into much larger particles, which now reflect the blue end of the spectrum.

The yellow-gold sized range of particles, .001 up to .01 size is the optimum range of effectiveness. 


Colloidal silver is most useful at concentrations between 3 and 25PPM[1]. Above 9PPM, the proportion of silver particles that aggregate rises and severe aggregation is observed with concentrations above 25PPM. This means that above an optimal level of colloidal silver, activity does not significantly increase and, in fact, may decrease.  The optimal level will depend on purity factors, colloid size and on the process used.

Production Techniques

A well-controlled production technique must be adhered to for effectiveness and safety.  It should be noted that ‘home colloidal silver makers’ are seldom controlled adequately[2] making the concentration and quality of the colloid produced quite variable.  Thus the efficacy and safety of colloidal silver made using these kits, even when the operating instructions are adhered to, is questionable. 

The production technique and purity of ingredients can affect colloid size and the ratio of ionic silver to colloidal silver, with more tending to form in less pure preparations.  Ionic silver has several potential problems associated with its internal use including agyria and possible disturbance of colonic microflora.  Agyria is a cosmetic greying of the skin. However, the amounts present in products with a total silver concentration below 10ppm are extremely unlikely to give rise to agyria, and a lifetime of use at recommended doses would be required to take in the levels needed for the most susceptible individuals – this is assuming all of it is absorbed and little is excreted.  However, silver is taken in from the diet and other sources and therefore to minimise this minimal risk, one should only take colloidal silver when needed.  If the individual is very prone to serious infection, preventative use would also be justified.

[1]PPM is a measure of concentration that denotes the number of ‘parts’ of silver per million ‘parts’ of water.  PPM is equal to mg/kg and mg/g.

[2]For example, several kits are battery powered, yet contain no compensating mechanisms to respond to the variations in internal resistance or output voltage and current of the battery.  Many other controls are lacking due to the unsophisticated design of many of these machines


Even the highest quality colloidal silver is not completely stable without the addition of stabilisers (often chemical additives, however, we use sodium alginate derived from seaweed).  Over time, sediment often settles at the bottom of a container of colloidal silver.  Although it can be quite difficult to see, the presence of a small amount of sediment can indicate that there is more than just water in the bottle.  The dispersion of a tightly focused beam of white light in the solution when viewed in the dark also indicates the presence of a colloid (not necessarily silver)

 Uses of Colloidal Silver 

As an Immune System Supporter

Colloidal silver supports the immune system by gently inhibiting the growth of microbes and assisting the body’s detoxification processes.  Removing toxins (the body’s rubbish) allows your immune system to concentrate on fighting or suppressing infection.  Colloidal silver can be used against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

 Improved Healing

The regular application of colloidal silver to damaged skin or mucosa has, in conjunction with internal use, been observed to frequently improve healing and reduce scarring from wounds and burns. Use for scrapes & grazes, burns, sunburn, skin ulcers.  Seek medical diagnosis to see what treatment is available before seeking alternative treatment.  This way you will be more likely to know about the options available to you.


Colloidal silver regularly applied to affected skin can improve mild forms of dermatitis including acne, eczema, thrush, nappy rash, boils (simultaneous internal use also recommended).


Modern living with all its chemicals and stresses places a toxic load on our bodies which causes them to function less efficiently.  These toxins preoccupy the immune system making it less effective against infections and act as irritants making us feel generally unwell.  Oxidation is one of the major mechanisms by which the body neutralizes toxic wastes for excretion.  This process occurs at the highest rates in the liver and the white blood cells.  Colloidal silver gently assists the body in the oxidative excretion of wastes by activating available oxygen.  This increases the rate at which toxins are processed and encourages stored toxins to be mobilized for processing and removal. This may cause a transient healing or detoxification reaction.


On a subtle level, colloidal silver is excellent for the balancing of Yin and Yang tendencies to improve general health and well being, and to reduce inflammation and fever on an energetic level.  Silver has a strong Yin character which is helpful in the excessively Yang modern lifestyle.


New uses for colloidal silver are regularly being reported, including improvements in many non-infective conditions such as mild allergies, itchy skin, chronic fatigue and some forms of arthritis.

Application & Dosage Information

Because your body is unique and has different needs at different times it is impossible to give exact dosage regimens.  The quality and concentration of the different brands of colloidal silver used will also affect the appropriate dose.  Therefore, only general guidelines for use can be given here.  Further assistance, if required, should be sought from your natural health provider.


Internal Use (oral):  Initially take, 10-15ml three to four times each day.  For short-term use, the dose may be increased gradually up to 5-25mL taken 2-7 times each day.  For long-term preventive use, take 5 to 10ml once each day[1]A plastic or glass measure should be used for measuring colloidal silver, as colloidal silver will adhere readily to metal[2]Colloidal silver can have a bitter aftertaste, but this varies depending on the individual.

Topical Use:  Apply (spray, rub or dab) colloidal silver to the affected area up to 7 times each day and allow to dry for at least 10 minutes.  Best results may be achieved by using colloidal silver internally at the same time.  Creams and gels may also be used on the skin.  These often have added active ingredients to aid healing.  These added ingredients do not increase aggregation (unlike impurities in water – although the order of addition and time lag before mixing are important factors), as the colloid is significantly less mobile in the gel or cream matrix.


On 1st March 2001, an amendment to the Medicines Act stipulated the maximum permissible level of silver intended for human application to be 10PPM unless registered as a medicine.  This is the level below which the general population may safely use colloidal silver without experiencing the side effect of agyria (grey-blue skin pigmentation).  Moderately large amounts (several hundred mls per day) of high quality 10PPM colloidal silver have been safely used over several years.  Additionally, there are no known adverse effects with short-term use.

In pregnancy and infancy, care should be taken that doses aren’t sufficiently high to cause a large detoxification reaction.  Only use when needed.

There are no recorded interactions between colloidal silver and medications, minerals or vitamins.


High-quality colloidal silver, is a safe and useful adjunct to both conventional and alternative health products.  It may be used at all stages in life for infections, detoxification and improved healing.  The most likely mechanism for colloidal silver’s activity is through oxygen activation which harms or kills microbes without harming human cells or disturbing the natural balance of the ‘healthy’ colon (bowel) microflora.  It has the strongest action with external application due to the high oxygen concentration in the air.  Internally its action is more gentle as it supports and the immune and detoxification systems of the body. 

Colloidal silver was once regarded as an invaluable medicine.  Its use has been sidelined since the advent of chemical antibiotics.  It is now re-emerging as a useful health product that works with the body to regain and maintain health.

[1]     Please note that a healthy lifestyle is a better insurance against poor health than any remedy or preparation.

[2].  Except in the case where the metal has a ‘like’ polarity with the particles, there is little repulsion between the metal surface and each particle.  This easily allows them to approach one another closely allowing cohesive forces take over.  They will then stick together.  The rate that this happens depends on the rate of transport of colloid to the metal surface through convection and diffusion.

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    Using Natural Sense Colloidal Silver for health and well being       For Health & Well Being…

    • Add colloidal silver to shampoos, lotions and creams to give them disinfectant and antimicrobial qualities.
    • Spray colloidal silver on your underarms as an odour-fighting substitute for potentially toxic commercial underarm deodorants.
    • Use a fine mist pump spray bottle to lightly “mist” your face with colloidal silver several times a day, allowing it to air dry afterwards; not only does it keep your facial skin looking young and healthy, but it’s also a very refreshing pick-me-up
    • Add colloidal silver to juices and milk to prolong shelf-life and help prevent early spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, clabbering or curdling.
    • Add colloidal silver to drinking water when travelling or camping to disinfect it and keep it fresh and pure, longer.
    • Add colloidal silver to canning, preserving or bottling to prevent contamination.
    • Spray colloidal silver on freshly purchased (or picked) fruits and veggies after washing them, to prevent microbial growth and keep them fresh longer
    • Use colloidal silver in bath water to help soothe itchy skin and to promote clearer, younger-looking skin.
    • Use colloidal silver as a gargle for better oral health.
    • Use colloidal silver in douches to help relieve intimate issues.
    • Carry a small spray bottle of colloidal silver in your purse when shopping, so you can spray shopping cart handles before using.
    • Spray or wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe stems, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, etc., with colloidal silver to prevent the spread of germs. 
    • Spray colloidal silver on your toothbrush after each use, to help disinfect it and prevent the growth of germs.

             using Natural Sense Colloidal Silver around the house    Around the House…

    • Use colloidal silver in cut flower vases to help prevent microbial growth and keep flowers alive longer.
    • Spray colloidal silver on top of opened jars of jam, jelly and condiment containers, as well as inside the lids before replacing, in order to prevent bacterial growth in the food that gets stuck around the container tops.
    • Spray colloidal silver on pools of standing water in the yard, in order to stop mosquito larva from hatching
    • Add colloidal silver to bottled water tank reservoirs, to prevent algae and bacterial growth.
    • Spray colloidal silver under sinks, cabinets, or other moist places to help prevent and eliminate fungus and mould.
    • Spray colloidal silver on seasonal clothing before storage to eliminate odour and mildew.
    • Spray colloidal silver in the car to eliminate odours. Spray shower stalls and bathtubs with colloidal silver, to disinfect and keep germ-free.
    • Use colloidal silver routinely in your laundry final rinse water, to disinfect, and to add antimicrobial protection to sheets, pillowcases, towels, dish rags, baby diapers, etc.
    • Spray colloidal silver on houseplants or garden plants to help prevent the growth of parasites, fungi, moulds, and to help stop root rot and most plant diseases.
    • Spray colloidal silver inside the refrigerator, and in the food storage bins, to prevent the spread of mould and bacteria.
    • Spray colloidal silver around the tub, toiletry and shower stalls to prevent germs and stop mildew from growing.
    • Use colloidal silver in the hot tub in place of harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine (1 litre per week during periods of heavy use, or 1 litre per two weeks during periods of low usage).
    • Spray colloidal silver onto air conditioner filters after cleaning, in order to help disinfect them and kill pathogens carried onto them by the flow of air.
    • Spray colloidal silver onto hanging bath towels, washcloths and dish rags and drying towels to help prevent souring and mildew.
    • Spray colloidal silver into the home and office air ducts and vents to prevent them from becoming breeding sites for germs, moulds and mildew.
    • Spray colloidal silver onto carpets, drapes and wallpaper to prevent mould and mildew.

      Natural Sense Colloidal Silver for animals and pets         For your Furry Friends…

    • Simply amazing for all your pets needs, earache, tooth issues,
    • Spray into the eyes of your pet for any eye conditions or eye infections
    • Spray onto any open wounds for quick healing
    • Spray colloidal silver on bowls of dry pet food (especially outdoors) to help prevent it from moulding.
    • Spray colloidal silver onto pet bedding and allow it to air dry, in order to prevent the spread of mould, mildew and germs.
    • Add colloidal silver to your pet’s drinking water to help prevent diseases and eliminate infections.
    • Mix a little colloidal silver into your pet’s water, birdbaths, etc, to prevent the spread of bacteria and mould, and keep your pet healthy and infection-free.

    For more information email us at and we will be happy to help.