Michelles Story

Michelle's Story

It all started back in 2007. Michelle created this highly effective natural skin solution XmaEase for her own son Jaxon's chronic eczema out of sheer frustration.

She had grown tired of being told repeatedly by doctors & specialist dermatologists to use harsh steroid and synthetic creams on Jaxon's delicate young skin, they offered no natural alternatives, nor did they seem interested in helping her to discover what the cause of his severe eczema was beyond the basic 'scratch' test.  The list of potentially harmful side effects of these commonly prescribed creams, she became highly passionate and committed to finding a natural solution to ease his symptoms while she searched for the source of the problem herself, instinctively knowing that there was something more she could do.
At the time there was a couple of 'natural products' (only a small % natural) on the market but nothing worked effectively the way she required it to, so she decided to make her own using the Natural Sense Colloidal Silver that she was making at the time in her then part-time job.
At the time Michelle created this cream she tried very hard to get the dermatologists on board with her and asked for them to offer it as a steroid-free solution to their patients.  Sadly they were not interested in the slightest and several were quite threatened by how effective it was.
A single mother at the time, she made a brave move… she decided to sell her house to raise capital. She bought the Colloidal Silver laboratory from the scientist who owned it at the time & instead of buying another house she invested everything she had into creating her company and making XmaEase available to the public. 
Michelle threw herself into her dream ... to create awareness that there is a much more gentle and natural solution to hydrocortisone/steroid and synthetic/chemically made creams the medical profession recommend.
She is passionate about being able to give natural choices to the many mum's in her own position who are now much more aware of the significant harmful side effects of these creams.
After spending everything she had into launching Xmaease, training shop staff and supplying the pharmacies and natural health stores around NZ for several years, Michelle noticed that her Xmaease Cream was being left behind as larger companies could spend huge dollars on marketing, advertising, training and promoting selling deals to the shop staff members to promote their own eczema creams.  As a small personal 'boutique' company, HealthGiving was unable to compete with these larger companies and after nearly losing her business in 2016, Michelle nearly closed the doors.  It was not to be... fortunately!  There was just too many people that relied on her amazing products for their loved ones, so she felt she just had to keep going despite the hard and almost crippling times.  She went about finding a way to continue to make her specialised cream and to make it easier to buy, so she made it available directly online.
Michelle can assist her customers personally through email, Face Book and blogging so she can give you the most helpful advice and offers a pleasant buying experience.
Michelle now works from her purpose-built laboratory in Hornby and also from her home office in Ohoka, Christchurch.  Jaxon is 17 now and apart from the usual teenage skin, his skin is eczema free and he has been steroid free for over 10 years.