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New Zealand's well renowned eczema and natural skin relief cream 'Xmaease' creators and 'Natural Sense' Colloidal Silver experts


What is XMAEASE?

Xmaease is a unique naturally formulated skin cream full of selected skin enhancing ingredients which gently assists the healing process of the skin.

What ingredients are in XMAEASE?

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin C, Evening Primrose Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil, Hypericum Oil, Comfrey Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, Manuka Oil, Lavender Oil, All put together in a low irritant, non-greasy base of which we have managed to achieve a stable natural formulation by the use of vegetable based products including fatty acids, glycery sterates and other natural mono and diglycerides, fatty alcohols, bees wax, vegetable glycerol, vegetable gums and plant sterols.
The oils are all plant based and the preservative qualities are provided by our proprietary herbal extracts and grapefruit extract.

Is it suitable to use on my baby and my children?
Yes, you can use for all members of the family up to 7 times daily. There are no known side effects.

Can I use Xmaease on my entire body?

Yes you can.  It is designed for sensitive skin, and for all ages and stages.  You can use it on a babies wee bottom for nappy rash and equally you can use it around your eyes or for your face and other sensitive areas.  Please note that we do recommend you read the ingredient list and/or test by applying a small amount to the affected area first to determine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. 

How many times should I use XMAEASE?
This varies for each individual and on the severity of your skin condition. We recommend using up to 7 times a day as necessary.

Can I still use the steroid creams?
If you are using steroid or hydro-cortisone creams you will need to integrate XMAEASE into you existing management plan and gradually reduce the use of the steroid cream, start by using XMAEASE and only apply steroid cream to severe areas, you will soon see you don’t need the steroids very much at all. Remember – XMAEASE is part of the management plan for treating the skin condition, over time (approx 2weeks – 2 months depending on the severity of the condition) you will notice a dramatic decrease in the use of the steroids.  You can email us for more information at

Why would I use XMAEASE instead of something else?
XMAEASE is an extremely effective naturally formulated cream made in New Zealand by a caring mother for her own son, so you can trust that its a good healthy solution. It’s especially formulated to not only heal your skin but it will also work to provide an antiseptic healing environment for open wounds, helping to keep them clean and promoting healing.

Why is the colour of the cream not the same as my last tube?
Our products are natural and not chemically standardised, so any variance in colour is due to the nature of the natural ingredients.

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Made fresh in our laboratory in Christchurch, NZ

Premium blend of 70% Non-Ionic True Colloidal Silver and 30% Ionic Silver.

From as little as $12.50 & Free Delivery in NZ for orders over $40.00NZD

What is Colloidal Silver?  Colloidal silver is a suspension of microscopic silver colloid particles (not atoms or ions) in water.  It is produced by an electro-colloidal technique using pure silver and water.

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful, natural, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasite and body normalising substance ever discovered and used in medicine.  In laboratory tests, single-celled organisms such as bacteria, fungus and viruses are killed in just four or five minutes in its presence.  Dr Henry Crooks in his book ‘Use of Colloids in Health and Disease” states, “There is no microbe known that is not killed by Colloidal Silver in six minutes or less, in a dilution as little as five parts per million.”

It is tasteless or almost so, odourless and non toxic when properly prepared.

Before 1938 Colloidal Silver proved to be useful in treating over 650 different infectious conditions.  Today’s advanced technologies bring us colloidal silver that works even better.

Why use Natural Sense Colloidal Silver?

At HealthGiving we specialise in making a very unique, premium blend of 30% ionic and 70% non-ionic colloidal silver fresh in our Christchurch purpose built laboratory.  We ensure you are receiving a laboratory grade product that has gone through a very strict quality control program.  Using ultra-pure deionised, bio-energised water, 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm, we make it, bottle it, label it and dispatch it all around New Zealand from our HealthGiving lab in Christchurch.  Each batch is independently tested for purity and ppm (parts per million) levels of silver.  Please note that the legal limit in NZ is 10ppm. 

Whats the difference between Ionic and Non-Ionic Colloidal Silver?  Ionic silver can be used for overall skin health, however non-ionic is much more desirable for the body's  natural immune system and natural defenses for natural healing and support.  Most manufacturers make only ionic silver, not non-ionic colloidal silver (which is true colloidal silver).

Check out this description from Dr Ho, (an independent scientist) wrote about  Non-ionic and Ionic Colloidal Silver.

Here's a little bit of history...Silver & Colloidal Silver was used before main stream pharmaceuticals to support the body's defenses and immune response.  It dates back as early as the times of ancient Eqypt.  Anecdotally there have been reports of the many different uses for this amazing liquid over the times; around the house, for yourself, your family and pets to name a few. 

Nowadays there appears to be no known drug interactions, its is well tolerated and suitable for the whole family. Its also natural & extremely cost effective (because you can use it for so many things) and it has at least a 1 year shelf life.

There are several different types and dozens of uses for colloidal silver   

How is it packaged and what sizes can I buy? We make it into a nasal spray, dropper, mist sprays, & family sized bottles, we also make it into a cream that you can buy on this website as well called Xmaease.  If you want to use it in bulk, please contact us as we can make it to what you require. We use amber cosmetic bottles and its attractively labelled with suggested dosaging instructions.

sizes Making laboratory grade natural products you can trust and use at home for the whole family'

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