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We care for your skin health & we make a superior blend of non-ionic & ionic colloidal silver in NZ.

"We believe in challenging the status quo surrounding our families health, pharmaceuticals and healing.  The way we do this is by researching and creating effective healing products using natural ingredients, based on ancient remedies that have been used for many years prior to the introduction of pharmaceutical products.  Simple to use and safe for the whole family."  Michelle Facer, Director
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Our signature cream is XmaEase that our director Michelle, made for her son Jaxon's chronic eczema out of sheer frustration of only being offered steroid based creams as a solution. 

XmaEase is being used all around New Zealand and overseas as an effective alternative to steroid and synthetic topical creams for many types of skin conditions. 

Michelle's Story

You can read about Michelle's journey to get XmaEase into the New Zealand market below.


It all started back in 2007 when Michelle's son Jaxon was diagnosed with chronic eczema. 
She had grown tired of being told repeatedly by doctors & specialist dermatologists to use harsh steroid based and synthetic creams on Jaxon's delicate young skin as the only solution.  These professionals offered no natural alternatives, nor did they seem interested in helping her to discover what the cause of his severe eczema was beyond the basic 'scratch' test. 
After reading thorough the list of potentially harmful side effects of these commonly prescribed creams, Michelle became highly passionate and committed to finding a natural solution to ease his symptoms while she searched for the source of the problem herself.  She couldn't find an effective natural product that helped so she instinctively knew that there was something more she could do...so she decided to create her own natural healing cream for Jaxon's skin. Read More Here...


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