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Welcome to HealthGiving

New Zealand's well renowned eczema and natural skin relief cream 'Xmaease' creators and 'Natural Sense' Colloidal Silver experts

"We believe in challenging the status quo surrounding our families health, pharmaceuticals  and healing.  We believe in thinking differently.  The way we challenge status quo is by researching and creating effective healing products using natural ingredients, based on ancient remedies that have been used for many years prior to the introduction of pharmaceutical products.  Simple to use and safe for the whole family. 

We just happen to make the best true colloidal silver and eczema cream in New Zealand"  Michelle Facer

We are committed to providing you with our highly effective natural solutions for your whole family using our unique blend of high quality Natural Sense Colloidal Silver  in our products. 
Our signature cream is XMAEASE that our director Michelle made for her son's chronic eczema.  XMAEASE is being used all around New Zealand and overseas as an effective alternative to steroid and synthetic topical creams for many types of skin conditions. 
You can read about Michelle's incredible journey to get Xmaease into the New Zealand market below.

Michelle's Story

Michelle Facer,of HealthGiving & expert Colloidal Silver maker created this highly effective natural skin solution Xmaease for her own son Jaxon when he was just a young boy in 2007.
Michelle was tired of repeatedly being told by specialist dermatologists to use harsh steroid and synthetic creams on Jaxon's delicate skin, they offered no natural alternatives or suggestions on what the cause of his severe eczema was. 
After reading through the list of potentially harmful side effects, she became highly passionate and committed to finding a natural solution to ease his symptoms while she searched for the source of the problem.  At the time there was a couple of natural products on the market but nothing worked effectively the way she wanted, so she decided to make her own using the Natural Sense Colloidal Silver that she was making at the time in her then part time job.  
At the time Michelle created this cream she tried very hard to get the dermatologists to offer it as a steroid free solution to their patients.  Sadly they were not interested in the slightest and several were quite threatened by how effective it was.
A single mother at the time, she made a brave move… she took the money from the sale of her house, bought the Colloidal Silver laboratory from the scientist who owned it at the time. Instead of buying another house she invested everything into creating her company and marketing Xmaease to the public. 
Her dream is to create awareness that there is a much more gentle and natural solution to steroid and synthetic/chemical made creams that the medical profession recommend.
After spending thousands launching Xmaease, training shop staff and supplying the pharmacies and natural health stores around NZ for several years, Michelle noticed that her Xmaease Cream was being left behind as larger companies could spend huge dollars on marketing, advertising, training and promoting selling deals to the shop staff members to promote their own eczema creams.  As a small personal company, HealthGiving was unable to compete with these larger companies and after nearly losing her business in 2016, Michelle nearly closed the doors.  It was not to be... fortunately - there was just too many people that relied on her amazing products for their loved ones, so she felt she just had to keep going despite the hard and almost crippling times.  She went about finding a way to continue to make her specialised cream and to make it easier to buy and made it available directly online.
Michelle can assist her customers personally through email, Facebook and blogging so she can give you the most helpful advice and offers a pleasant buying experience.
Michelle now works from her purpose built laboratory in Hornby and also from her  home office in Christchurch.  Jaxon is 16 now and apart from the usual teen age skin, his skin is eczmea free and he has been steroid free for over 10 years.

See Why Our Customer Love Xmaease Cream
Michelle's Xmaease is well known for soothing itchy skin quickly.
The high quality natural plant extracts in Xmaease were selected for not only the well documented soothing effects but also for their known ability to be nourishing 'skin food'.  Colloidal Silver is an ancient old remedy used pre-antibiotics as a healing agent.  Used in the cream for its antibacterial & anti-fungal properties that greatly assist the healing of the skin & keeps infections away.  Xmaease can be used very successfully on broken skin. This highly effective combination is put together in a BioGro organic certified natural base to give you a soothing, antibacterial and nourishing cream for your skin.
There have been a great deal of happy customers who have integrated Xmaease into their current management plan and have they have had such great results they have stopped using steroid creams altogether.
This is simply the best – it works!  It will get rid of mild eczema quickly – really bad eczema will go but needs longer treatment.  I don’t use anything else.  Have been using this on my son for 2 years now and it works much better than anything else.  It soaks in and doesn’t keep the eczema ‘wet’.  Other creams tended to do this and the problem worse.”  Melissa.

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