Welcome to our Online New Store

I'm so excited to bring you our new new online store.  We have updated our look, our photos, and product information.  I've also added a helpful tips page for Colloidal Silver and its many uses which I'm sure you will find informative.  There is also some really great technical info for those of you wanting a more scientific explanation about Colloidal Silver.

My intention is to be the best one stop shop for eczema and other irritating skin conditions with the promotion of my fabulous Xmaease cream which has a very loyal following of thousands of customers for over 10 years now.  I'm really excited about rolling out new products under this brand name over the next year like my  body wash and a shampoo & conditioner, I'm hoping to have a sunscreen developed before next summer for sensitive skin sufferers too. You won't need to shop for your 'skin food' anywhere else when these lovely products are available. 

I love making Colloidal Silver and I am really excited to be able to bring it in its many bottled forms to you directly.  I pride myself on quality, freshness and its unique ionic and non-ionic properties.  I will be blogging about its many uses and aim to be really informative so Natural Sense will become NZ's most trusted Colloidal Silver brand

We are looking for ways to improve our service to you so please email us at info@healthgiving.co.nz if you are having any difficulties or if you can see that something may be not quite right... I welcome your feedback if you see any spelling mistakes or if pictures are not lining up right.