Colloidal Silver

Natural Sense Colloidal Silver Liquid

Made fresh in our laboratory in Christchurch, NZ

Premium blend of 70% Non-Ionic True Colloidal Silver and 30% Ionic Silver.

From as little as $12.50 & Free Delivery in NZ for orders over $40.00NZD

Ionic Silver can be used topical for overall skin health, however Non-Ionic is much more desirable for the body's natural immune syem and natural defenses for natural healing and support.  Most manufacturers make ionic silver. 

Why use Natural Sense Colloidal Silver? At HealthGiving we specialise in making a very unique, premium blend of both with approx 70% non-ionic (this is considered true colloidal silver) & 30% ionic silver.

Check out this description from Dr Ho, (an independent scientist) wrote about  Non-ionic and Ionic Colloidal Silver.

Our Natural Sense Colloidal Silver is made fresh using a very strict quality control program with ultra-pure deionised, bio-energised water, 99.9999% ultra-purity silver colloid 10ppm.  We make it, bottle it, label it and despatch it all around New Zealand from our HealthGiving lab in Christchurch.

Every single batch is independently laboratory tested for the ppm levels (in NZ the legal limit is10ppm), purity and safety so you can be assured you are getting high quality colloidal silver.

Here's a bit of history....Silver & Colloidal Silver was used before main stream pharmaceuticals to support the body's defenses and immune response.  It dates back as early as the times of ancient Eqypt.  Anecdotally there have been reports of the many different uses for this amazing liquid over the times; around the house, for yourself, your family and pets to name a few. 

Nowadays there appears to be no known drug interactions, its is well tolerated and suitable for the whole family. Its also natural, cost effective (because you can use it for so many things) and it has at least a 1 year shelf life.

There are several different types and dozens of uses for colloidal silver   

How is it packaged and what sizes can I buy? We make it into a nasal spray, dropper, mist sprays, a cream & family sized bottles, but if you want to use it in bulk, please contact us as we can make it to what you require. We use amber cosmetic bottles and its attractively labelled with suggested dosaging instructions.

BOTTLES: 1 Litre, 520ml, 310ml bottles: SPRAYS: 210ml,105ml & our handy travel 50ml size.  We make 50ml DROPPERS & 50ml EYE DROPS & 50ml NASAL SPRAYS. We also makes a really excellent 100ml tube of Xmaease colloidal silver cream full of really good concentrations of fresh healing plant extracts check out the link above for the full ingredient list (uses for collodial silver). 

"Making laboratory grade natural products you can use at home for the whole family"

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I’m converted – I will always use Natural Sense first for anything it has so many uses!
Kaye, Christchurch



I bought your colloidal silver after being told about all its uses at a baby first aid course. I can't believe I had never even heard of colloidal silver before then. We use it for everything now, it's awesome
Nic, Dunedin



We’ve saved hundreds on doctors fees by using your colloidal silver
Bev, Hamilton


such a great natural antiseptic – effective and no side effects’
Karen, Rotorua


love this ancient old remedy it's extremely effective & cost effective too
Burt, Tauranga