Convenient, Natural & Organic, Effective

As busy mums we wanted ONE natural and effective product that would soothe,  support and nurture the WHOLE family".

Non-greasy and especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Each natural active ingredient has been carefully selected for its soothing, repairing or anti-bac terial properties.

Soothe & Repair contains a special blend of colloidal silver, aloe vera, calendula flower oil*, rosehip oil*, avocado oil*, evening primrose oil*, jojoba seed oil*, chamomile extract, vitamins C & E, pro vitamin B5, beeswax, lavender & manuka oils. * Certified Organic

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Soothe, Support, Nurture The Whole Family

Pregnancy: Apply as necessary to relieve itching associated with dryness and stretching of the skin during pregnancy.

Babies & Toddlers: Apply at the first sign of redness in the nappy area to help prevent nappy rash. Provides a light, protective barrier and is suitable for use with modern cloth nappies. Ideal as a moisturiser to keep young skin supple and soft. Protects young cheeks from cold or dry winds and from irritation caused by saliva.

Teenagers: Apply at the first sign of pimples to reduce redness and to helo prevent acne  

Men: Apply directly to the face for hydration and replenishing important moisture after shaving.  

Ladies: Apply liberally after hair removal or shaving to soothe the area. Use to replenish moisture from the elbows to hands and feet.

Itchy, Dry & Irritated Skin: Apply liberally to soothe the affected area. It is suitable for use from head  to toe.

Hand Care: Hydrates and replenishes vital moisture after frequent hand washing. Protects & supports the skin’s natural barrier to prevent cracking and minimise the effect of irritants.

Chafing: Apply liberally to the area of concern for soothing and supporting the natural healing of raw, damaged skin.

After-sun Care: Apply liberally after sun exposure to cool & calm redness, and lock in moisture to prevent flaking.

Insect Bites: Apply liberally on the affected area for soothing.


If symptoms persist, please seek advice from a healthcare professional.


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