About Us

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The Natural HealthGiving Company has a dynamic team all committed to producing the highest quality of NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS on the market today. Our team works closely with the managing director to research, develop and produce exclusive new products.


Michelle Facer is the Managing Director of The Natural Health Giving Company. She joined the original founder/owner initially in the laboratory where she was educated and trained how to make Colloidal Silver. Fascinated by the amazing uses for Colloidal Silver, she quickly became and avid user and promoter of HealthGiving products.  In 2008 she bought HealthGiving. Michelle has worked extensively formulating and testing Xmaease and making Natural Sense Colloidal Silver.  Michelle has extensive her experience in, Management, Consultancy, Account Management, Recruitment, Marketing, Project Development and Training and a life long, well developed understanding of Natural Herbal Remedies.